How to Save the Elephants

Elephant poaching has already endangered these majestic beasts, and experts are at a loss on how to save them. There are many reasons why elephants are sought after. First of all, illegally sold ivory comes from elephants that were killed. Carbon dating revealed that poaching takes place three years ago approximately for all the ivory supplies available today. Given the sad fate that elephants have, it is important for us humans to help. Here are some of the best ways to help save the elephants:
Don’t buy, wear, or sell ivory.

New ban ivory is totally banned. Antique ivory however can be purchased. There are many items out in the market that make use of ivory such as pool cues, billiard balls, piano keys, domino, and even some trinkets.

Support elephant conservation groups.
It may not be possible for you to live with the elephants and make sure that they are protected just like Jane Goodall, but you can simply join an elephant conservation group. By actively participating in its many activities you are helping push for the cause to help the elephants.

Buy products that are elephant friendly.
Make sure that you buy the type of coffee and timber that are grown in such a way that does not destroy the natural habitats of elephants. For timber, look for the kind that has the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and coffee that is certified fair trade.

It’s a huge help to lobby politicians. There are still those who want to listen to people’s needs. An example of this is the Elephanatics group in Canada that works with MP Mike Farnworth. Farnworth introduced a new bill that bans selling ivory and rhino horn. You can always seek for those politicians who are sympathetic to such causes and support them by having petitions and letters sent to MPs.

Use your talent.
A group of creative photographers and writers published with a book entitled 32 Souls. In Laos, it is believed that elephants and humans have 32 life spirits that guard people from misfortune and illness. The profits from the book are intended for the Elephant Conservation Center in Laos.

Participate in marches and demonstrations.
You can join marches and demonstrations that push for protection of elephants. There are groups in about 130 countries which include Kenya, US, and New Zealand that hold organized demonstrations as part of the annual celebration of the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos.

For extra information, you can visit this link –

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